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The best of cycling, walking and sport holidays. We are offering guided and self guided walking and cycling tours all around Europe. Enjoy famous destinations like the Danube, Tuscany, Dolomites, Alpes, ...

Danube Cycling Holidays Passau Vienna 8 days, Cat. B
Taking a cycling holiday along the River Danube is a wonderful way to experience the region. This is a fabulous bike vacation for untrained cyclists, a family cycle tour and also for experienced...
Lake Constance Cycling Holidays 8 Days
This cycling holiday is around Lake Constance which is locally known as Lake Bodensee which is situated between the countries Germany , Austria and Switzerland. This biking vacation is ideal for the...
Tuscany cycle tour
Pisa - Lucca - Montecatini Terme - Florenz -Pisa From the wry tower to the Ponte Vecchio, threw the home of Leonardo da Vinci, Puccini and Pinocchio. Reams of painters, sculptors, componists and...
Elbe bike path: Prague-Dresden in 8 days
In the north of Prague, the Moldau and the Elbe flow together and they continue their way to the north.Behind the flat basin arises the "Eisengebirge", the bohemian paradies and the...
Around Mount Zugspitze Self Guided Walking Tour
Walking Tour Zugspitze - from Garmisch to Leutasch and return! One name, one symbol. The Zugspitze belongs to the best-known summits of the Alps and can be reached by cable car. This tour allows you...
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