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Cycle Holidays Innsbruck Salzburg
Guided Walking Holidays 2019
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The best of cycling, walking and sport holidays. We are offering guided and self guided walking and cycling tours all around Europe. Enjoy famous destinations like the Danube, Tuscany, Dolomites, Alpes, ...

Germany's Altmuehl Valley Cycle Path
The Altmühltal is known for wonderful biking on the banks of the winding and romantic river Altmühl. You cycle through largely intact nature with white cliffs, green pastures and wetlands. For a stop...
Flandern bike tour: Brussels - Bruges
Surprisingly close by and remarkably beautiful, that's how to describe Brussels and the various regions of Flanders in a nutshell. Brussels, the capital of Europe, offers holiday joy for everyone:...
Elbe bike path: Prague-Dresden in 8 days
In the north of Prague, the Moldau and the Elbe flow together and they continue their way to the north.Behind the flat basin arises the "Eisengebirge", the bohemian paradies and the...
Trentino Cycle Holidays Italia
Trentino Lakes and River Cycle Holidays: Trento - Lake Garda - Levico Terme - Valsugana - Trento. The climate in Trentino between the Alps and Lake Garda is ideal for a cycling holiday. You will...
Trans Alpine Crossing from Innsbruck to Sterzing
Trans Tyrol II - Trans Alpine Trekking from Innsbruck to Sterzing, from North to South Tyrol. On this trekking tour, you will cross the Alps from the north to the south, from Tyrol to South Tyrol...
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