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Cycling and Walking in 2024
Cross country skiing
Salzkammergut Lake Walking Holidays Austria

Bestseller Travel Hike & Bike

The best of cycling, walking and sport holidays in Austria, Germany and Italy. We are offering guided and self guided walking and cycling tours with luggage transfer. Enjoy famous destinations like the Danube, Tuscany, Dolomites, Alpes, ... Bike Touring in Europe!

Elbe bike path: Dresden - Magdeburg
From the cosmopolitan city Dresden you follow the Elbe river downstream threw the free state Sachsen and Sachsen-Anhalt. You will see marvelousness fluvial topographies, historic towns and the...
Lake Constance Cycling Holidays 8 Days
This cycling holiday is around Lake Constance which is locally known as Lake Bodensee which is situated between the countries Germany , Austria and Switzerland. This biking vacation is ideal for the...
Moselle and Rhine bike path: Trier - Mainz 8 days
Cycling Holidays at the River Cycle Path of Moselle and Rhine. The Mosel valley is right there where France, Luxemburg and Germany meet. It is winding through vineyards, forests, fortresses, castles...
Tuscany Siena Cycle Tour
Radreise Toskana - Radfahren rundum Siena. Entdecken Sie die wunderschöne Landschaft mit seinen Weinbergen, Feldern und Städten rundum Siena. Sie radeln durch wunderschöne Täler, durch die Weinregion...
Adige Cycle Path Italy
Cycling Holidays in Italy. The Adige River cycle path has to be one of the most enjoyable and scenic leisure-cycling routes in Europe. Starting from the head of the Resia Pass, close to the Austrian...
Salzburg 6 Lakes Cycling Holidays Austria
Cycling Holidays in the Salzkammergut Austria - From Salzburg to Bad Ischl: What could be more enjoyable than biking on designated bike paths around picturesque lakes and unspoiled countryside while...
Trans Alpine Crossing from Innsbruck to Sterzing
Trans Tyrol II - Trans Alpine Trekking from Innsbruck to Sterzing, from North to South Tyrol. On this trekking tour, you will cross the Alps from the north to the south, from Tyrol to South Tyrol...
Bavarian Salzburg Walking Holidays Lake Königssee
Bavarian Salzburg Alpine Pasture Trail - "From the Lake Königssee to the alpine pasture of mount Hochkönig". The blue-green shimmer of Lake Königssee offers reflections of the surrounding mountains....
Dolomites Walking Holiday Italy
Experiencing nature - idyllic Mountain lakes, lush Mountain pastures, green forests and the legendary Dolomites will guide you through three Nature Parks during your hike. Not without reason, were...
Dolomites cross country skiing
The cross country ski run course takes you from the imposing Sexten Dolomite mountains to the cross country centre in Toblach, the stronghold of the Italian cross country skiing. Moving through the...
Majorca Road Bike Cycling Holidays
Road bike cycling holiday in Spain. To get to know the well known racing bike paradise Mallorca is an unique chance. You bike from the coast to the mountains, across the island, through the...
Salzburg Road Cycling 7 Days in Austria
Salzburg Lake & Mountains - Road Cycling Holidays in the Salzkammergut District. Salzburg was home to the World Road Bike Championship in 2006, which means the city is filled with first-rate bike...
South Tyrol - Walking Tour
On the southern side you can go hiking in the shadow of the Dolomites at the heart of South Tyrol between Bressanone, the cultural capital of Tyrol, the city of Bolzano on the intersection of...
Walking Holidays Vienna Alps Austria
Walking Holidays Vienna Alps - Mount Rax, Semmering and Schneeberg. At the foot of the Magic Mountains you'll encounter many delightful summer holiday villages. The stunning mountains rise to an...
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