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Feedbach St. James Trail Salzburg Tyrol
Feedback Lake Walking Holidays Salzkammergut
Walking Salzkammergut Lakes

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The best of cycling, walking and sport holidays. We are offering guided and self guided walking and cycling tours all around Europe. Enjoy famous destinations like the Danube, Tuscany, Dolomites, Alpes, ...

Majorca Cycling Holiday
Cycling Holidays in Spain. A well-known island with unknown features: "La Luminosa" - "the inspired", as the Spaniards call the biggest of the Balearic Islands. Majorca actually radiates such beauty...
Elbe Cycle Way Bad Schandau - Dresden - Wittenberg
Elbe Cycling Holidays from Bad Schandau to Dresden and Wittenberg. The region around the river Elbe in Saxony attracted many good architects through the years. They erected magnificent buildings and...
Rhine bike path: Speyer - Cologne
On this episode of the Rhein bicycle tour you will experience a lot about the german history. Between Speyer, Worms, Mainz and Köln you will bike from cathedral to cathedral. The legend of the...
Istria cycle holiday
The variety between sea and inland makes this tour to an adventure. Marvelousness towns on the coast which remembers the time of the romans and small dreamily villages where you can think back to...
Danube Cycling Holidays Passau Vienna 8 days, Cat. B
Taking a cycling holiday along the River Danube is a wonderful way to experience the region. This is a fabulous bike vacation for untrained cyclists, a family cycle tour and also for experienced...
Lake Constance Cycling Holidays 8 Days
This cycling holiday is around Lake Constance which is locally known as Lake Bodensee which is situated between the countries Germany , Austria and Switzerland. This biking vacation is ideal for the...
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